SuiteMalaga is a family business, with more than 10 years of experience in the vacation rental sector in Malaga, so our experience ensures a high quality service, and is a guarantee of our professionalism.
 We are specialized in ensuring that the client enjoys a great experience throughout their stay, and they will find with us a professional and close treatment, where our priority is client satisfaction. All our holiday homes have been selected to meet quality requirements. We ensure that our clients will always enjoy accommodations with comfort and style.
 In addition, we are continually looking for new accommodations to add to our pool of vacation homes. Combined with our professional experience and local knowledge, we guarantee you a unique and memorable vacation. We work every day to gain the trust of our owners and our visitors, through our professional, personal and close service.
 Stay safe with SuiteMalaga, count on us to manage your property or to enjoy our accommodations.

our services



Our company offers a housing license management service for tourism purposes, making it easier for accommodation owners to obtain and comply with all the legal requirements and regulations necessary to operate legally in the tourism industry. We manage the entire process, from the initial license application to monitoring and periodic renewal, ensuring that our clients comply with all local and national regulations. This not only ensures the legality of operations, but also provides peace of mind to owners and helps maintain the integrity and reputation of the tourism industry.

management and marketing in the different 

sales channels

We are specialized in offering a management and marketing service on various rental portals in the tourism sector. We work with the platforms that have the most visits to ensure maximum visibility and reach for our clients' properties. We are in charge of managing reservations, rates, content, and marketing, ensuring an effective presence in the main distribution channels. This allows you to maximize your revenue and reach a global audience of travelers looking for exceptional vacation experiences.

check-in / check-out

We provide an efficient and convenient check-in and check-out service for our clients' apartments. We make the arrival and departure process easy for guests, offering them a hassle-free experience. We will be available to greet guests upon arrival, provide them with relevant information and ensure they feel comfortable in their accommodations. Additionally, upon check-out, we guarantee a comprehensive review of the apartment and facilitate the check-out process so that guests enjoy a worry-free travel experience.

cleaning and laundry

Our company in the tourism sector offers a quality laundry and cleaning service to satisfy the needs of our clients. We have an external laundry company with modern facilities ensuring bed linen, towels and other items are clean and fresh. Our professional cleaning service is highly efficient and demanding, which is essential for a satisfactory tourist experience, and we strive to meet quality standards in each stay.


Our company is dedicated to offering a decoration and equipment advisory service to ensure that accommodation meets the standards of comfort and visual appeal that guests expect. We take care of the decoration of the spaces, selecting decorative elements that reflect a cozy and attractive style. In addition, we also offer the service of equipping the accommodation, if necessary, ensuring that they have all the necessary comforts.

We offer a maintenance service for tourist properties, guaranteeing that your rentals are always in optimal conditions to receive your guests. We take care of carrying out regular inspections, repairs and preventive maintenance. With prompt service, we are committed to giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your properties will remain impeccable at all times.

Photo report

Our company in the vacation rental sector offers a specialized photo reportage service to enhance the presentation of properties on rental platforms. These photographs are essential for marketing and promotional strategies, as they help attract potential guests by conveying an attractive and trustworthy image of the properties. Our photo reportage service contributes significantly to increasing the visibility and attractiveness of properties, resulting in successful bookings.


We offer a personalized service to meet the needs of our clients in the real estate market. We provide you with professional advice, market assessment and effective negotiation to ensure your satisfaction every step of the process. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a residential or commercial property, we are committed to providing optimal service, based on integrity and transparency.